Dice Festival is an artist-led festival of chance, programming live art and experimental performance from artists of all backgrounds and at every stage in their career.


In August 2018, three days of wild performance, dancing, and story telling took place in the Library Gallery at Summerhall, during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The following October, we did two nights of Dice Festival at Camden Peoples Theatre.  


(Here are the rules):


1. On each night, there are six acts.

2. When, and if, each act will perform, will be determined by the roll of a die.

3. The rolling of the die will be completed by the evenings host, the Dice Master.

4. The die will be rolled six times.

5. Each act risks performing six times, and not performing at all.

6. We like the number six.

I co-direct, produce and programme Dice Festival with Becky Plotnek and Colette Patterson, as well as doing the graphic design. 

The first three photos on this page are by Miau Vartiainen, and the last is by Robert Appleton.

Dice Festival is supported by Forest Fringe

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