This scratch night aimed to explore democratising art making through play and performance. Featuring work from Liam Winter, Jasper Solof, Milli Collins, Joel O'Donoghue, Gary Campbell and myself, selected works created organic social interaction and engagement through hands on making. 


The Designers Request

An interactive installation that created social interaction, using hands on making as a prompt for discussion. Participants are asked to make their favourite place out of coloured card and tape, and make their favourite animal out of play dough. 


The Polling Station

by Milli Collins

Using a system of democracy to make the ultimate choice- what vegetable will you vote for?


Sex for Breakfast

by Jasper Solof

Send the artist a selfie to recieve a fragment of a text. 

An interactive installation that distorts identity and creates a new dynamic between the artist and the viewer. This piece uses new media to reconsider how a script can be used in performance.


Non-Magnetic Poetry

Looking at the discourse around art and design practise, and how we choose to engage with it. 


Share Your Toys

by Liam Winter

Stripping down the process of film making, presenting simple tools that allow participants to tell a story how they would have as a child. 


Pressing record on an ipad which displays the cameras view, participants tell storys through a window, using childrens dolls. 


An Interval

By Gary Campbell 

A live performance that looks at the audiences willingness to follow requests in a performance context. Throughout the evening, the audience was repeatedly asked to move the chairs in the room back and forth, for no particular reason, to see how long they would keep doing it for. 

This piece provided a transition into live performance, in terms of both spacial arrangement and the audience mindset. 


The Designers Instructions

A live performance that creates complex interaction between the audience and the performer. 

Audience members are given fragmented instructions that have come from a range of designers, to read aloud at will for the performer to respond to. 

Performed by Joel O'Donoghue


Photos by Kevin Ching