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_Writing & Talks


Nights Web of Reason, published in DreamsTime Free: Soft Tissue 2021

Body Holding My Body, With Salt Thickness, published in Simple Zine 2021

How to Smash your Head into your Computer Monitor and Come Out Near the River Ravensborne

Commissioned by Alchamy Film & Arts 2021 

Access, Power & Visability

Talk alongside Arjun Harrison-Mann and Benjamin Redgrove at NN Contemporary 2021

Design Cripistemologies Remix: The Design Saviour & its Accomplices

Published in the RCA Design & Philosophy Society Journal 01 2020

How to Turn Your Body Into

a Surface Into A Stone

in Themselves Publication/Collage, or: A Fair Days Fiddle 2020 

Serious Satire: Lessons from Aspergestan

Reflection on Hamja Ahsan's lecture part of the Fugative Voices Lecture Series at the RCA, published on Content Free 2020

In The Sick Hour, poetry pamphlet with Jane

Hartshorn published by Takeaway Press Aug 2020, order here

Proxy Politics and the I Can’t essay

published in Ache Magazine Issue 3 2020


But The Worm Up Your Leg

poetry pamphlet self-published 2020


Four Versions published in FDBNHLLLTTFFictions 2019


We Went Round and Ended Up Writing This Book self-published, distributed by Midge Press 2019


Something Like Walking Home After Dark (A Gesture, Black Holes, and /b/)

self-published 2019


Future in Practise talk with Michelle O’Higgins at The Future of Work conference organised by Autonomy 2019


Devient Matter, or, the Sensuality of Illness published in FDBNHLLLTTFMaterialisms 2019


Chaos, Fishing Lines and Concrete (or, a Profound Waste of Time) essay published in the Themselves Dossier 2019



Ben Nicholson looks into Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2021

“I sit in front of my computer with a smudge of saliva still on the window and deep time running through my veins.”

The Crumb on Little Wimmin 

“Maybe I’m being over-zealous because it’s new, because I’ve not seen such glorious use of graphic design in a script before, because I’m excited for more makers to follow suit and create texts like this one. Whatever it is, you should definitely buy a copy, worst comes to the worst and you don’t enjoy it, at least it’ll look super cool and impressive in the background of your zoom calls.” 

New Your Times ’28 Movies, Books, TV Shows (and More) That Explore Disability Culture

featuring Sick Magazine 

Magalleria on Sick Magazine

“Its flamboyant, expressive typefaces and abundance of colour entirely defy any sombre association attached to disability or illness, and unravel any misconception that it is a subject of melancholy or gloom. SICK’s ebullient design is a symbolic embrace of visibility and exposure, whilst chronic illness and disability remain a site of marginalisation.”

Exeunt on Dice Festival

“There’s something really great about a festival embedded within the Edinburgh Fringe which is literally paying artists to NOT perform.”

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I am one half of Sticky Fingers Publishing, an intra-dependant feminist publishers based in London. I am one third of Access Power Visability (APV) design trio. 

Writing MA, Royal College of Art

Sick Magazine

Graphic Designer

Issue 01 2019

Issue 02 2020

Issue 03 2021


Friend by Gillie Klienman

Designer 2021

The Hundred Club

TACO! kids social justice art group

Visual identitiy & zine 2021

Science Fiction, Disabled Futures

Zine Making Workshops for Dash Arts 'World Within Worlds' 2021

Eclipse Theatre 

Graphic Designer 2021

The Politics of Intimacy Resdiency 

Participant, 2020/21

Goldsmiths Press

Cover design 2020

Figs in Wigs, Little Wimmin

Book design 2020

Three Perspectives on Visibility 

In collaboration with Arjun Harrison-Mann & Benjamin Redgrove

Commissioned by Control Shift Festival 2020

BA Design (first) 

Goldsmiths University of London 2020

A Collision (film) 

Showing at Criposium 2020 

Hey, Look, Something is Happening 

Book design and production 2020

Making Futures Summer School

At Haus der Statistik, Berlin

Participant 2019

DIY fANTHOLOGY Zine Workshop


By Any Zine Necessary 

Co-designer and facilitator 2019 

School of Civic Action at R-Urban Poplar

Participant in summer school: Performing Togetherness 2019

Run by Public Works 


We Go In A Circle And End Up Writing A Book Residency 

Co-designer and facilitator 

Part of the Anti-University 2019 

Prelon Musk: Acts of Klieness

Bags of Slime of Bags of Slime of

Bags of Slime

Performance with Soul Miles 2019

The Fourth Dimension and

How to Get There 

Workshop at the Five Bells 2019

Themselves Commune Peckham Festival

I Dream About Thinking About Work Installation 2019

Goldsmiths Students’ Union

Event Set Designer 2019

Graphic Designer 2018, 19 & 20

Design Intern 2017

Goldsmiths University College Union 

Graphic Designer 2018 & 19

The Gold Paper 

Graphic Designer 2018


DICE Festival 


Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Camden People’s Theatre 2018 


Kate Flatt Projects


The Weather Men at Imagine Watford Festival 2018


Witch, An Opera

Set, Costume, and Graphic Designer 

Jaqueline du Pre Music Building 2018



Lighting Designer and Tech-op 

Spool (*****) at The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2017 


Matheson Marcault 

Installation Assistant 

NOW PLAY THIS Festival at Somerset House 2017 & 18

PLAY festival at Kings College 2016


Forest Fringe 

Technical Assistant

Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Production Assistant and Volunteer

Latitude Festival 2016 & 17


Joel O’Donoghue Company


Displacement Festival and Big Dance Festival at Sadlers Wells 2016


Jack Irving

Artist Assistant 2016-2017