Just; based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair


enough; as much or as many as required.


just; simply; only; no more than


enough; to a moderate degree; fairly.


just; exactly


enough; unwilling to tolerate any more of something undesirable.


just; very recently; in the immediate past


enough; sufficient 


just; really; absolutely


enough; full measure

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Absence management is the use of templates and tools to sneakily disguise a lack total presence. 


Enough to affect a space 

a placeholder for labour,

a placeholder for image

a placeholder for text 

a placeholder for authority 

a scarecrow 

of sorts


the image of an image 


the shape of a conversation 

separated from communication  


I was there 

I was present 


The image of me was there, 

the image of me is present. 

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The object of desire is human presence. The economy of presence requires multiplicities of self in a multiplicity of spaces simultaneously.


The labour of our time is the performance of the self. Our performances are layered and slippery. I will check my emails while we have dinner together. You will encounter an image of me in Spain while I am in North London. Work, socialising, online, on our own, we are accompanied by the image of ourselves, entangled in the performance of our selves.


Not only are you in the wrong place at the wrong time, you are in multiple wrong places at multiple wrong times. 


As Gatsby reaches out to the green light, the green dot by your name lets me know you are there. 

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This image of me is a thing, a thing like you or me. An object that exists, literally. 


Ones presence is a thing, a thing like you or me. An object that exists, literally. 


Therefor, presence can be treated with material processes. Assembling, manufacturing, testing, trading, distributing. 


Placeholders are things, embedded in the mesh. There is no such thing as true zero.